VICTORY. This Large Capital City Just Prohibited Animal Circuses In A Historic Decision

Madrid just approved a law forbidding circuses with animals, joining 380 other Spanish cities who have done the same.The proposition was presented by Ahora Madrid -the left leaning political party which the mayor of the city is a member of - and the SPSOE (Socialist Party of Spain). It was also supported by the centrist party Ciudadanos, but did not obtain the vote of the Partido Popular, the main party of the right.


Source: Inhabitat

An unquestionable advancement for animal rights. Marta Merchan, coordinator for the Spanish site InfoCircos, which fights against the mistreatment of the wild animals used in circues:

This measure taken by Madrid is historic, an incredibly important decision and a symbol for the well-being of animals, not only in just the city, but in the whole country. Society is clearly demanding the end of these obsolete practices which cause animal suffering, and institutions are finally beginning to act, despite the fact they did nothing for two years.  

Source: PETA

The decision in Madrid is a sign of a larger movement which has been gaining momentum against animal circuses.On the national level, Catalonia had approved a law prohibiting the practice in its territory in 2015, before being joined by the town of Valence, where the proposition was unanimously supported; several other regions progress in the same direction.Like many Americans, the Spanish have started to become conscious that circuses are incompatible with the physiology of wild animals. As theHumane Society of the United States pointed out: "It’s just not acceptable any longer to cart wild animals from city to city and have them perform silly yet coercive stunts."


Source: Positivfr


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