VICTORY. The US Has Finally Put An End To The Cruel Experiments They Have Been Conducting On Baby Monkeys For Over 30 Years

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Calling all animal lovers and animal rights' activists. We have some brilliant news! The National Health Institute of America have just announced that they are putting an end to the very controversial experiments onyoung primates that have been going on for over thirty years in a public research centre in Maryland.


Source : @PETA

Torn from their mothers on the day of their birth

The scientists atthis laboratorystudied the monkey's reactions to traumatic experiences. One of the most shocking experiments was tearing away baby monkeys from their mothers on the day of their birth. This horrific experimentwas done in order toanalyse the physical and emotional impact of the separation.


Source : @PETA

Some other primates were locked inside tiny cages in a room which the scientists filled with deafening sounds.


Source : @PETA

Stephen Suomi, the scientist who has been in charge of these experiments from the start, highlighted the importance of his work. He told the websiteBuzzFeed News:

The experiments that have been conducted there over the years have been extraordinarily informative.

PETA's discovery

Last autumn, the animal rights' organisationPETAlaunched a shocking campaign revealing the cruel and horrific treatment of these poor monkeys. The video, which was filmed using a hidden camera in the laboratory, shocked people across the entire world.


Source : @PETA

Justin Goodman, director of PETA's Laboratory Investigations Department, was elated by their recent victory:This is really an historic moment, so we're happy and relieved that after 30 years the agency will stop breeding hundreds of baby monkeys to suffer from depression and tearing them from their mothers at birth to cause them lifelong trauma.

A new life for these monkeys


Source : @CBSNews

The research centre said that they now have a three-year-plan in order to give300monkeys "a safe transition to other facilities".PETA will make sure that these monkeys' lives end peacefully in a sanctuary.Justin Goodman explained:

Ending these horrendous experiments on infant monkeys is great progress and now we will work to ensure that these long-suffering monkeys will be sent to reputable sanctuaries where they can recover and live out their lives in freedom and peace.

But for others, the torture is far from over

This decision comes only a few weeks after the American government decided to free all of the remaining chimpanzees who were still living in laboratories. But despite these victories, we mustn't forget how many animals are still suffering in laboratory conditions.

In the US, 22 millions animals die due to animal testing every year. InEurope,12 million innocent creatures die.You can support Cruelty Free International if you also believe we should put an end to animal testing.

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