VICTORY. Mexico City Has Just Officially Banned Dolphinariums

Andrea A.

Mexico City has just officially banned dolphinariums, making it the first city in Mexico to take such a stance.Mexico City had already taken a stand for the welfare of cetaceans by banning the shows last year that were using dolphins and offering programs for swimming with animals. The city authorities decided to go even further, taking a radical step.

BREAKING: #MexicoCity officially banned dolphinariums today! Within six months, there will be no captive dolphins in the city. RETWEET if you want ALL cities to ban them!

— PETA (@peta) 4 mai 2018

Forward-thinking officials in Mexico’s capital already banned animal circuses in 2014, and the country followed suit by banning them shortly thereafter.Governments around the world are finally recognizing that dolphins, orcas, and other cetaceans do not belong in tanks. Chile, Costa Rica, and Croatia have all banned the keeping of cetaceans in captivity.The choice of Mexico City to implement this ban is part of a wider movement to raise awareness of the living conditions of these animals in the parks where they are held. The relationship with captivity is changing with the general public, with people becoming increasingly concerned and thus taking action.

Dolphins in captivity are deprived of everything natural to them! Over 62 have died at #SeaWorld in ten years 😢 #NationalDolphinDay

— PETA (@peta) 14 avril 2017

One of the world's largest marine park chains, SeaWorld, saw its attendance drastically drop after the Blackfish documentary, retracing the life of Tilikum, an orca captured in the 1980s off Iceland, before being sent to a pool where he was used to entertain the public, before dying in January 2017.