Victim Of A Hit-And-Run, Berry Has Never Stopped Thanking Her Saviours

Animal Aid Unlimited is an incredible charity which rescues abandoned streetanimals, particularly dogs, in India. But when the charity saw a baby calf who was a victim of a hit-and-run incident, they knew she needed saving.


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

The baby street cowwas left with severe wounds on one side of her body after being dragged by the car. The volunteers knew she wouldn't survive long without urgent medical care.In a clear state of shock, they gently approached the baby calf and she let them pick her up with ease.Then after a short car ride, a group of vets were waiting for her in a nearby makeshifthospital.


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

They quickly got to work dressing her wounds and administering treatment, and all throughout the baby calf was so calm and trusted them completely.In fact, there was a moment captured in the video of her rescue which shows her looking up at the vet saving her life, as if to saythank you.


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

After her treatment, the frail girl was taken to Animal Aid's Forever Sanctuary in Rajasthan, India. They named her Berry.Now meet Berry, nine months after her rescue. She's the most friendly, curious and excitable cow we've ever come across!


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

She loves running about and playing with the other cows.And she's always got time for a little cuddle...


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

Thanks to the amazing volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited, Berry is alive and well. And she never forgets to thank them for it!


Source: @AnimalAidUnlimited

As the association writes at the end of the calf's rescue video:

Just like every cat and dog, cows want to play, to love, and to live.

Watch Berry'samazing rescue and transformation here:[embed][/embed]You can help rescue other cows like Berry who deserve the chance to live a proper, fulfilling life by donating to Animal Aid here.