Vicious Acid Attack Leaves Tiny Dog With Third Degree Burns - Rescuers Jump Into Action


(Caution: Some images are graphic)Rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited, in Udaipur, India, received a call about a street dog who had been attacked with acid resulting in third degree burns.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

Volunteers rushed to her aid. They discovered that the chemicals had burned all the way down to the muscle. All she could do was sit there in pain, licking her wounds.Her burns were so severe, they weren't sure if she would make it, but they refused to give up. They brought her to their clinic where they gave her a sedative, so they could begin her treatment.Rescuers cleaned her burn to remove any last trace of acid left on her skin.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

During her treatment, she was always patient and sweet while they gave her topical ointments to help her skin heal.After a month, there was a visible difference and her skin had started to grow back. Animal Aid also started adding honey to her treatment to speed her recovery.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

After six months of love, care and attention, the sweet pooch had regained her playful spirit. They decided to name her Honey, after one of the treatments that healed her.Now, she loves to spend her days prancing around the sanctuary, enjoying cuddles with her rescuers. Even though they never found the culprit, Honey will always be safe now.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

If you would like to help Animal Aid Unlimited continue their incredible work, you can donate to them, here.Watch the full video below:[embed][/embed]

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