Vet Kept 30 Animals Trapped In A "Dungeon" Without Food Or Water

A veterinarian in Leeds, England, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty when it was discovered that he had kept 30 animals in deplorable condition, reports BBC.The 22 dogs and eight cats were kept in the basement and backroom of the veterinary office, accessed through a trap door covered by a carpet.


Source: RSPCA

The floor was covered in excrements and none of the animals had any access to food or water. Many of the dogs were kept in cages in complete darkness.


Source: RSPCA

Nikki Cheetham, with the RSPCA, told BBC:

The dogs were found living in cages in a pitch black dungeon...The condition of these animals and the way in which they were being kept was appalling. 

Four of the dogs and one cat had to be put down after they were rescued.


Source: RSPCA

The vet,Gary Samuel, 49, and his assistant,Rochelle McEwan, 28, were arrested and found guilty of six counts of animal abuse in local court.The animals included mostly huskies, including puppies, and Chinese crested dogs.


Source: RSPCA

Samuel had already had his veterinary licence revoked one between 2013-2014, before it was eventually reinstated. The council at the time found the punishment to be "disproportionately severe."Both Samuel and McEwan were sentenced to three months in prison and 12 months of probation. Both are prohibited from ever owning or working with animals again.


Source: RSPCA

Thankfully, all the animals have found new homes with families who will love and appreciate them.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

H/t: The Daily Mail

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