Having Your Dog In Your Bed Could Aid A Better Night's Sleep


We recently wrote about the pros and cons of sharing your bed with your dog. But now, anew study by the Mayo Clinic revealsthat dozing offwith your dog does promote a better night’s sleep.


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Previously, the clinic had claimed that sharing your bed with your pet causes more disturbances to your sleep and advised against it. But now the well-known sleep clinic claims that sharing the bed with your cat or dog can offer companionship and help you relax.


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The sleep clinic surveyed 150 of the patients who visited the facility’s Center for Sleep Medicine in Arizona, US. The researchers found that 56% of the study participants shared their bed or bedroom with their cat or dog. However, while 20% reported disrupted sleepbecause of their pets, 41% said that their pet’s presence in bed actually helps them sleep better.


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So if you have trouble sleeping, or with anxiety, then having your dog in bed with you may aid a better night’s sleep. Some say it’s therapeutic to hear their dog’s heavy breathing, and it helps them nod off. What's more, forget turning on the radiator and wasting electricity bills - your dog is your very own electric blanket!


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Your dog or cat does provide the best spooning companion, but of course, it doesn't suit everyone having their furry friend in bed with them. If it does for you, then lucky you! We hope you get a good night's sleep tonight :)

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