Unwanted Dog Goes On Beach Adventure And Can’t Stop Smiling


Bailey was born in a poor township called Blikkiesdorp in Cape Town, South Africa. It's a tough neighbourhood where most people live in shacks. There are a lot of pet cats and dogs, but those pets are not always taken care of as they should be.


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Bailey and his siblings were left to fend for themselves, searching for food in the streets and garbage bins. When they'd make a mess in the yard, the owner's son would shout at them and beatthem.Tin Can Townheard about these puppies and took them in, as they do with many other neglected animals in the area. The trio was full of parasites and very underweight.


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Bailey was the worst case and terrified of people - he would urinate all over himself whenever anyone came near him. But one co-founder of the shelter, Clarina Hanekom, found the perfect way to ease him of his fear of people - cuddling. She spoke to The Dodo about Bailey's progress at the shelter:

He was cuddled on our laps and told how awesome and beautiful and clever he is. This ritual continued to the point that he would seek out a lap to get onto (...) for his cuddle therapy.

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Luckily, a few days later, a single mother and her son came to ask if they could adopt the puppy. Tin Can Town's staff were overjoyed. They were sure he was going to be so happy in his new home.Unfortunately, only three months later, they got a call:

This once loving mother threatened to take Bailey to a kill shelter if we didn't come fetch him immediately.

Apparently he had been destroying her house, but when they found out that the woman never walked him, they understood why. So Bailey returned to the shelter, finding himself without a familyonce again.While they werewaiting for another family to adopt the puppy, one of Tin Can Town's founders,Dinielle Stöckigt, decided to take him for a walk on the beach - for the first time.


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This was the moment this neglected and unwanted puppy experienced joy, freedom and a carefree moment he so desperately needed. The photos don't do justice to the amount of fun he must have had. Stöckigt said:

He was just silly as a dog can be. He sniffed the flowers, bushes, dug holes, rolled in the sand, ran up to the surf and would sprint back as the wave hit the beach.

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It seemed as if Bailey wasstarting to forget his past struggles as he was frolicking on the beach. This marvellous adventure must have been a good luck symbol for the dog, because a few days later, his real forever family came into the picture.


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Sharon Malan took him home with her and he instantlybecamebest friends with her other rescue dog, Rupert.


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Hanekom continued:

When rescues are homed, it's a huge joyous occasion for us because that's their 'happy ever after.' It means no more hunger, no more fear, no more pain, no more abuse, no more uncertainty. They belong and are wanted and loved and that is the main aim when an animal is removed from Blikkiesdorp.

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Consider helping Tin Can Town with a donation in order to support them and their great work. It can't be easy looking after neglected animals in such an impoverished area, and they save many pets from terrible situations. Bailey's sister, Naomi, is still waiting to find her forever home, so feel free to contact the organisation if you're in the area and are interested in adopting a puppy.


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