Australian Restaurant Invites Dogs To Have Dinner With You And It's All For A Good Cause

Fancy dinner sitting opposite your favourite furry companion? Well, now you can! The Hotel Carrington in Sydney, Australia, has a pub which now invites dogs to join you at the table for a delicious meal. And the best thing about it? Part of the proceeds from the dog's menu go towards a local animal shelter.

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Eating out is often a problem for dog parents who aren't allowed to bring their companions along. Whilst some restaurants offer them a bowl of water and let them sit by your feet, they're not massively welcome.

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But at this pub in Sydney, your dog is considered just as much as a client as you are! Sharing a meal with your dog couldn't be easier... Pop a napkin in their collar and let them dig in!

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The manager of this doggy haven explains:  

Animal welfare is very important to us and at the end of the day, we just love dogs.

But the concept isn't just for sharing a nice meal with your four-legged friend. There's a bigger cause behind it...

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Their special dog menu includes a starter of beef tartar, followed by steak and vegetables and all topped off with a delicious biscuit. The whole thing costs 15 Australian dollars (about $11 USD).And for every one of these canine à la carte menus that's bought, a third of the proceeds ($5) are then given to a local animal protection charity.

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So as well as sharing a delicious meal with your best friend, you're also helping save the lives of animals in need.Now let's get some of these dog-friendly restaurants opening up across the US and the UK!

Featured image: @DailyTelegraph