This Little Boy Found His New Playmate In An Affectionate Baby Deer

Deers are very gentle creatures who are often startled by the presence of humans. But not this fawn here. This baby deer is happily standing on someone's patio and there's a reason why... she's fascinated by the little toddler who just wants to sprinkle the garden.


Source : @Youtube

Seeing the little Bambi-lookalike in front of his house, the little boy confidently goes up to her. But it's actually Bambi who's more interested in him.


Source : @Youtube

Whilst deers don't often befriend humans, this baby fawn couldn't be more friendly with the toddler if she tried. In fact, she desperately wants to try and lick him. The fawnjust wants to give him a kiss hello!


Source : @Youtube

The little toddler is more confused by his newly wet ear than by the deer who's licking it, it seems!Some truly heartwarming stuff:

Featured image : @Youtube