Two Young Brothers Rescued A Dog Who Had Been Left To Suffocate In 9 Garbage Bags

A couple of weeks ago, Hugo and Tom, two young brothers from Lorgues, in the south ofFrance, had a surprise when they heard a dog yelping whilst out walking near their home.They couldn't work out where the distressedbarking was coming from, until they approached a garbage canand realised it was coming from inside. The two teenagers quickly opened it to rescue the poor creature who was clearly trapped inside.What they found when they opened the lidwas beyond words. A dog covered in blood had been tied up in 9 plastic bags and was on the brink of death...


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The brothers knew they needed to act fast if they wanted to save the little dog's life. Having freed him from the bags, theytook him straight to the nearest veterinary clinic.The young dog, less than a year old, needed surgery immediately. He had a serious injury around his neck,a clear sign that someone had tried to strangle him to death, according to theshelter SPA de Flaysoscwho took him under their care.Michèle Bonnay, who runs the shelter, told the association30 Millions d'Amis(translated from the French) :

It looks like someone failed to strangle the dog to death and so they ended up trying to suffocate him by wrapping him in garbage bags.

Thankfully, the operation was a success and the dog slowly began to heal from his injuries.


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The one-year-old male dog is still under medical supervision at the vet's, but that hasn'tstopped his young rescuers, Tom and Hugo, from visiting him.


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The two young boys wroteonFacebook:

When we saw him, he started wagging his tail. And when we called to him, he came towards us but he was quite shy.

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And the two brothers have now asked to officially adopt the dog, whom they've given the nameElliott!

Elliott Hugo et Tom la rencontreVoici l'histoire d'un chien qui s'est vu mourir, qui a cru sa derni√®re heure arriv√©e, qui a commenc√© a ne plus croire en la vie, a ne plus croire en l'humain, m√™me pas adulte,un chiot sauv√© par Hugo et Tom, deux jeunes gar√ßons qui ont d√©couvert ce soir l√† que l'homme peut-√™tre si cruel... Alors qu'ils passaient a proximit√© d'une poubelle a Saint- Antonin ( commune de Lorgues Var), des bruits comme des miaulements attirent leur attention, ils r√©agissent tr√®s vite, et tout au fond de la poubelle sous des tas de sacs, ils sortent un sac et le d√©chire, et tombe sur d'autres sacs ( 9 en tout) et les mains ensanglant√©es, Hugo d√©couvre un chien qu'il extrait aussit√īt de sa prison, son fr√®re Tom part chercher de l'aide, et rapidement le chien sera transport√© a la Clinique v√©t√©rinaire de Lorgues.Le lendemain, les deux fr√®res accompagn√©s de leur maman et de leur plus jeune fr√®re viennent voir le chien qu'ils ont sauv√©s d'une mort atroce. Le chien a √©t√© op√©r√© d'une importante blessure situ√© sur le cou qui ressemble a une tentative d'√©gorgement , il est tr√®s choqu√© mais ses jours ne sont plus en danger. Il sera transport√© dans la journ√©e sur notre refuge, et ainsi mis sous surveillance v√©t√©rinaire au chaud et au calme en secteur infirmerie. Hugo et Tom ont choisit le nom qu'il portera d√©sormais : Elliott!!Le jour suivant, les trois fr√®res sont venus lui rendre visite, Elliott tout intimid√© approche tout dou√ßement, remue la queue, il reconnait ses sauveurs...:)Actuellement Elliott est en convalescence, il lui faudra un peu de temps pour se remettre, il est craintif, mais remue volontiers la queue et vient chercher les friandises qu'on lui donne... toute l'√©quipe et les b√©n√©voles vont l'aider a reprendre confiance en l'humain et d√®s qu'il sera pr√™t, Hugo et Tom qui souhaitent l'adopter, si les parents sont d'accord, seront les bienvenus.Bravo a Hugo et Tom, et merci pour ce sauvetage, Elliott adorable chien pourra profiter de sa vie que l'on souhaite jolie!!Elliott n'est pas √† l'adoption et pas visible actuellement, merci de votre compr√©hension. by SPA de Flayosc on Thursday, 31 March 2016

"Seeing as the boys arestill minors, we will have to see if their parents agree.For the moment, the most important thing is that the puppy makes a full recoveryand then it's up to thevet to decide when he's ready to find a loving home", Michèle Bonnay went on to say.


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On April 7, the shelter posted an update about the young dog on theirFacebookpage:

He is recovering well. He is still quite shy and fearful, but he likes human contact and nervously licks your hand when you stop stroking him. He's gained weight and his wounds are healing. 

Elliott will soon have another check-up at the vet to see when he will be ready for adoption. "One thing's for sure, Elliott will find a home in a loving family, and we will keep a careful eye on him like we do with all our pups",the shelter volunteers finished.

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