Two Kind-Hearted Police Officers Block Traffic To Safely Escort A Family Of Ducks Across The Street

Andrea A.

These two Canadian police officers have just won the hearts of animals lovers worldwide. On May 12, a pair of policemen escorted a female duck and her family of ducklings across a busy street in Saskatoon, Canada.


Source : @YouTube

Concerned citizens alerted police when they saw the little family wandering around in the middle of a busy street.The two officers,Joey Taylor andRyan Geib, quickly came on their bikes and didn't hesitate to stop the moving traffic to make sure the family of ducks safely made it across to the nearby river. Taylor explained tolocal press:

We came because the citizens were concerned. They saw them downtown, didn’t want anybody to get hurt and didn’t want any of the ducks to get hurt.

Source : @YouTube

The officers escorted the ducks all the way to the river at the edge of the town, and made sure every one of the ducklingsgot back into the water safe and sound.


Source : @YouTube

A video of the police chaperoning the adorable family was posted onYouTubeand has already done the rounds across social media, with people praising their act of kindness.On theirFacebookpage, the Saskatoon police responded:

Our officers are always happy to assist, and not just our people!