Two Cats Have Been Mutilated In The Italian Countryside


Some days ago in the town of Rieti, in the central Italian province of Lazio, passers-by discovered the remains of two cats which had been hanged and set on fire.According to a statement from the local Mayor, the remains of the two cats were probably a few months old, and had only recently been burnt and hung.The Mayor suggested the act was a cruel stunt by local youths.However Italian animal protection group AIDAA has rebuked these claims.The assocation's president Lorenzo Croce said in a blog post (in Italian):

There are too many things which don't add up in the mayor's version of events. In particular, we don't understand how they could have been able to determine from the burnt bodies of the two cats that they had been killed months earlier. In any case, the bodies should have been sent to a veterinary clinic for evaluation, as Italian law requires in such cases. Despite the statements, such a report has not been released. It is alarming that such a serious crime has been dismissed as a simple act of bravado.

The animal protection group remains on the warpath, and also condemned the unknown perpetrators of this crime which has shaken an otherwise quiet country town.AIDDA has offered a�����5000 reward (roughly����4,300 or $6,100) for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprits.Only solid information followed by a statement given at a local police station will be accepted.AIDDA has published graphic images of the cats on its website (in Italian). Some readers may find them upsetting.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.