Trusting Dog Knows His Human Will Catch Him Every Time He Falls


You probably know that game of trust where you fall back into the arms of the person behind you...

But have you ever seen an animal do it?

Well, that's the moving achievement of one pet parent, whose adorable white Golden Retriever Watson has total confidence in him.


Source : @Instagram

When the man says "Trust fall Watson!", the dog is quite happy to fall backwards in the knowledge that he'll land safely in the arms of his master, who showers him with praise.

The video of the game, which seems to delight the 18-month-old pup, has gone viral all over the internet. But this level of celebrity is nothing new for Watson. He and his Golden Retriever companion Kiko together form Instagram's most popular canine duo.


Source : @Instagram

Their super cute and funny posts are followed by nearly 100,000 people. And with that much love, Watson's confidence is really no surprise!

Check out the unlikely exercise here:

What happens when you tell Watson "TRUST FALL" it's so adorable. He is so trusting. This is the best trick ever. He just falls into your arms ? #watsonandkikovideos

Une vidéo publiée par Watson And Kiko ( le 15 Juil. 2016 à 20h16 PDT