Travellers Can Spend Their Day Cuddling Puppies On This Paradise Island


If you're just as obsessed with animals as we are, then you need to go visit this puppy paradise in the Caribbean now! On the island of Providenciales inthe Turks and Caicos archipelago, you can literally spend the day cuddling rescue puppies.


Source: @PotcakeInstagram

The idea was launched by a local animal shelter calledPotcake Place.The island is home to many stray dogs nicknamed "Potcakes", so they decided to give people the chance to cuddle and play with theirrescued puppies, who are in desperate need of some love and attention.


Source: @PotcakeInstagram

The staggering number of abandoned animals on the tiny island defies belief.But by letting people get to hang out with the adorable puppies for a day, the shelter thinks they'll be more likely to take them home with them and adopt them for good.


Source: @PotcakeInstagram 

"Potcake" is a term used to define thebreed of dog that comes from the Bahamas and Turks &Caicos islands. It refers to the fact that localsused to feed the dogs the scraps remaining at the bottom of a cooking pot.Potcakes have now evolved into a breed which is extremely smart, loyal and loving, butmany ofthem are still looking for homes.


Source: @PotcakeInstagram

Potcake Place rescues stray potcakes who they find growing up on the streets or even in people's backyards. Through a fostering and socialisation program, lotsof these dogs are now in loving forever homes."Many are now enjoying lives on beaches and in the snow, living happily with cats, kids and other dogs," they write on their website.

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But the shelter relies on kind volunteers like you as well as donations from individuals to run the program.If you'd like to help them continue their amazing work, you can clickhere.And if you ever get the chance to travel toProvidenciales, maybe you can adopt one of these gorgeous pups... Or at least spend a day playing with them on the beach!So where's your next holiday destination?

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