Traumatized Dog Learns To Love Again With The Most Unexpected Of New Friends


When a young woman took home a stray kitten last year, she wasn't sure whether her dog and the new arrival would get along at all. But one year later, they are the best of friends!Imgur user abbzzzz (Abby) adopted Australian Shepherd-Collie mix Dottie after she was rescued from an abusive home. Because of her horrible experience, Dottie had trust issues and was aggressive towards other animals.Enter Lucipurr (or Luci for short). One year ago, the little kitten was rescued by Abby from a tree and taken back to her home, so that she could be nursed back to health. She was quite ill after living feral for weeks and Abby was determined to get her well again.

Source: abbzzzz/imgur

However, although Luci was an adorable ball of fluff, Abby wasn't certain that she'd be able to stay in her home forever because of Dottie's behavioral problems. She decided to cautiously test the waters to see if it was at all possible. She said in a post on Imgur:

I kept Luci (the cat) in the bathroom for the first week until she got better. She had supervised visits with Dottie so they could get used to each other. 

Source: abbzzzz/imgur

But although Abby had had her doubts, Lucipurr knew just how to work her magic and quickly worked her way into Dottie's heart in a way that no other animal had bee able to. Soon, canine and feline were best friends, sharing a bed, guarding the neighborhood and just generally being absolutely inseparable! It was almost as though Luci was Dottie's therapy cat, helping calm her anxiety and learn to trust again.

Source: abbzzzz/imgur

Now, one year later, they are still fast friends, spending their days together and snuggling up every evening. Now, Dottie has a companion she can trust to be with her every step of the way, and little Lucifurr is safe and sound, warm in a bed with her no. 1 pal.

Source: abbzzzz/imgur

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