Traumatised After Years Of Abuse, These Two Never Let Go Of Each Other's Hands

Terry andJeannie met a short while ago attheSave the Chimpsshelter in Florida, US. Ever since, the two traumatised chimpanzees never want to leave each other's side.


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Jeannie, on the right in the photo above, was captured from the wild and torn from her family when she was still just a baby.She was then forced to be a guinea pig in a research laboratory, where she spent 40 years of her life suffering countless medical experiments. Jeannie was deprived of all contact with her fellow kind and condemned to life in a cage most of the time.Terry's tragic fate is no better. Thischimpanzee was detained in a zoo in Las Vegas for 18 years where he also had no contact with another chimpanzee.


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And it was clear whenTerry andJeannie first met, neither of them ever wanted to be on their own ever again. Theyheld hands and from then on, they refuse to let go.Molly Polidoroff, Executive Directorat theSave the Chimps shelter explained the meaning of these chimps' hand-holding tothe

The hand-holding can either be pure affection, or it could be a greeting.

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The pair's hand-holding certainly marks the start of a long and enduring friendship between the two primates.There were around 1,000,000 chimpanzees in the wild in the 1960s,but today the population of these primates is around the 200,000 mark.TheJane Goodall Institute has been fighting to conserve the chimpanzee's environment for years so that the species has a hope ofsurvival. To find out more about what they do or to make a donation,click here.

 Mondays are better with a friend.Terry recently met Jeannie and they didn't want to let go of each other's hand. How sweet is this?#STCMovieMonday #MovieMonday #TerryTheChimp #JeannieTheChimpTerry was rescued from a small zoo and Jeannie spent over three decades in a biomedical research lab.Get to know Terry by visiting: by Save the Chimps, Inc. on Monday, March 7, 2016
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