Trapped In The Middle Of A Frozen River, This Dog Was Saved At The Very Last Minute

Andrea A.

At the start of March, firefighters inHampton, New Hampshire, saved the life of a dog who had fallen through thinice on a frozen river.


Source : @Hampton Fire Department

In the very early hours of the morning, a local resident alerted the authorities when he saw an animal walking across a frozen river.Sadly, as the dog reached the middle of the river, he fell through thin ice and was trapped in a hole, unable to make it back to shore. The dog would likely drown orfreeze to death if authorities did not reach him soon.Hampton firefighters rushed to the river immediately to try and rescue the freezing animal.Equipped with tools to handpick through the inch-thick ice, they managed to rescue the pet who was thirty feet out into the river.


Source : @Hampton Fire Department

"Cold and exhausted"

Shivering with the cold, the dog was clearly suffering from hypothermia. "He was cold and exhausted", the firefighters toldCBS Boston.


Source : @Hampton Fire Department

Once he was safely out of the water, the dog was wrapped up in a warm blanket and given plenty of cuddles. He was taken straight to the vet who confirmed he appearedin good health. Thanks to his tag, he was reunited with his humans shortly after.Watch the dog's rescue mission here:https://twitter.com/octopus603/status/705766077800845312?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw