Trapped In A Fire, This Pit Bull Risked Her Life Refusing To Leave Her Human

Last February, a young female Pit Bull survived a blazing fire in a house in Detroit, US, thanks to a team of firefighters, the BarkPost reports. When they arrived, the firefighters found the dog trapped inside alongside her human. It was clear there was no chance she was going to abandon him.


Source: @ClickOnDetroit

The firefighters knew the dog and her human were in a critical state: the man was already unconscious and hisPit Bull had already inhaled a dangerous amount of smoke.They grabbed the dog and carried her out to safety, but she couldn't help but look around for her human whilst the firefighters rushed to get her in an ambulance.


Source: @DetroitPitCrew/Facebook

The veterinary clinicGroesbeck Animal Hospitaltook the Pit Bull in and after various medical checks, they confirmed her life was no longer in danger. Tragically, her human, who was known as "Shorty" didn't survive from his injuries.

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Source : @DetroitPitCrew/Facebook

The orphaned dog was given the name 'Halle' by her saviours. Shortly after her rescue, theDetroit Pit Crew, an association which helps dogs in need, offered to take care of the poor pup.The association are now doing all they can to findHalle a new forever home. Whilst waiting, she is getting all the love and cuddles she deserves from the volunteers at the shelter.


Source: @DetroitPitCrew/Facebook

If you want to adopt Halle or support the incredible work of this association, you can visit theirFacebookpage or their website.

Featured image : @ClickOnDetroit