Trapped Dogs Desperately Hop To Avoid Burns From Boiling Roof


Even the slightest neglect towards our four-legged friends can have tragic consequences, as this horrifying story demonstrates.

On July 22, the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, the biggest animal shelter in New Jersey in the US, received a call about two dogs trapped on a Newark terrace.


Source : @Facebook

On this particular day, the temperature was soaring above 35 degrees and the sun beating down. The tarmac floor was so boiling hot that little bubbles were starting to form.

The two dogs, a Pit Bull and a Yorkie, were spotted by a neighbour who saw them frantically "dancing" to try and avoid burning their paws on the bubbling ground. The volunteers at the organisation hurried to the scene and only just managed to rescue the pups.

They wrote later on their Facebook page:

The Yorkie continuously ran to the edge of the roof to try to find an area that would not burn her further while the pit bull, covered in hot tar, had nearly given up hope.


Source : @Facebook

In fact, it seemed that the poor dogs had been suffering for hours on end, with the terrace strewn with excrement when they were found. There was a bowl of food but no water to be seen.

Our officers carefully removed the overheated and distraught pair and brought them directly to an emergency veterinary hospital. The dogs are severely burned and their condition is guarded at this point.


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The rescuers are currently caring for the burns all over their bodies, and will afterwards try to heal their emotional trauma.

The enquiry to find their owners and work out how it happened is sure to end in drama.


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During this summer season, please do not put your dog at risk of sunstroke and dehydration, and never leave him trapped in a car, on the terrace, or in fact anywhere without access to shade or fresh air.

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