Tragic Fire In Controversial Shelter Takes The Lives Of 19 Dogs


It was a tragic accident that ended up costing the lives of 19 dogs. A fire broke out from a clothing dryer that had been left running in a home turned animal shelter on January 5.The shelter, Furever Homes, located in Tumwater, Washington, was home to around 35 animals.



Source: The Olympian

The owner, Sharon Gold, had just opened this particular location at the beginning of the month. She told The Olympian:

It was supposed to be the perfect place for us. It was supposed to be heaven, but it turned into hell.

She had been out of town after an emergency call from her sister. A friend had come over to do laundry and left the dryer running, resulting in the fire.A neighbor called emergency services after noticing smoke coming from the building.


Source: The Olympian

Firefighters did everything they could to save as many dogs as possible, but sadly many had already passed from smoke inhalation.Sixteen dogs managed to survive the fire, thanks to the fact that they were kept in a kennel in a separate room.Many of the dogs in Gold's shelter are unwanted and abandoned who would normally be euthanized, coming from California and Mexico.

I take in dogs that no one else will take. Blind dogs, deaf dogs and pregnant mamas that would have died on the streets of Mexico.

Source: Furever Homes/Facebook

However, her work has not come without controversy. Reviews call her a "scammer" who hides animal illnesses from potential adopters. She has been investigated several times by the police for code and permit violations, but has never been charged.

I comply with every rule, I’ve never been cited or charged. I make sure all the dogs are spayed and neutered, they have all their vaccinations.

Whatever the truth is in the matter, the true victims are the dogs. Severalof the animals who died were puppies just weaned from their mother.[caption id="attachment_16175" align="alignnone" width="960"]


A memorial for the dogs who were lost. Source: Furever Homes/Facebook[/caption]The heartbreaking events have left Gold distraught and shocked. She's considering closing down the kennel permanently. She told KMTR Oregon:

I’m never not going to have their blood on my hands or not feel guilty for what happened. I’m never going to get over this because 19 dogs lost their lives.

Thankfully, most of the remaining canines have found foster homes for the moment.