Touched By Her Story, People From All Over The World Are Sending Hats To This Disfigured Dog


Abigail will have scars from her tragic past forever. Used as bait for dog fighting, she will be disfigured for the rest of her life.When she was saved and transferred to Miami-Dade Animal Services(a veterinary clinic in Florida), a whole section of her head was torn open. "Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone," recounts Victoria Frazier, part of the shelter,Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, toThe Dodo.


Source: Victoria Frazier

Thanks to this organization and an animal medical center,Pets First Wellness Center, Abigail was taken in and has begun her long healing process.To conceal her healing wound, the shelter volunteers put the dog in a sort of hat or headband. Touched by her story - which was shared by several media outlets - people from all over the world are knitting her hats to show their support for Abigail.


Source: Victoria Frazier

Today, the dog possesses over 50 hats, in every style and color imaginable. And this wave of solidarity seems to be lasting: Victoria Frazier confirms that a new surprise shows up every day at the shelter.

People all over the world are following her journey. She get gifts weekly — from organic treats, toys, to bonnets.

Source: Victoria Frazier

Abigail and her impressive collection has moved people across the world, who say that she has restored their faith in humanity.


Source: Victoria Frazier

To be totally better, the dog still has to have one more surgery to repair her missing ear. You can contribute to herveterinary care here.


Source: Victoria Frazier

H/t: TheDodo