Tortured Dog Still Can’t Give His Rescuers Kisses Due To Heartbreaking Past


This poor Pit bull had clearly been mistreated all his life in Ohio, USA. He had walked right up to a stranger's front door, according to The Dodo, clearly trying to escape the hell he was living in.


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He was taken to Animal Charity of Ohio in July, where they named him Bubbles, and they immediately noticed heavy scarring on his face. The charity believed he had been used as a "decoy" in dogfighting events.The group said on their Facebook page:

[...] he had escaped the most horrible nightmare of a life. He had escaped torture and abuse at it's absolute worst.

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They thought they'd seen it all, when they discovered a shocking and tragic truth.Bubbles seemed to be acting like a normal rescued dog, and doing especially well since he'd been a victim of such terrible abuse. He showed trust towards his new owners and learnt to cuddle. However, one thing was missing.Bubbles was not showing affection in the form of kisses. He would keep his mouth closed whenever he'd put his head near that of one of his new humans. Someone wandered out loud, "Does he even have a tongue?"The rescuers looked inside his mouth and were devastated to discover that he had no tongue.


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It was confirmed on the charity's Facebook page on August 3, after a visit the vet, that Bubbles' tongue is missing as a result of a previous trauma. Bubbles' teeth are completely crushed and he tested positive for heartworm and other parasites.The charity isn't sure if they will ever be able to track down Bubbles' terrible former owners or if his tragic past will ever come to light, but one thing is certain: Bubbles is well on his way to a new, happy life.


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He is now living in a foster home and is eating normally, gaining weight and recovering well.Animal Charity Board President, Mary Louk, said in a statement on 18 August:

Bubbles moved to foster care several weeks ago. He’s doing really, really well.

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This sweet dog will live long, healthy and loved.

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