Top 9 Breeds Known For Being The Most Intelligent

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Every dog breed has their specific qualities. Obviously, everything can depend on the individual, however, that doesn't change the fact that certain breeds can be more likely to present these characteristics. Doctor Stanley Coren, author of the book The Intelligence of Dogsclaims that the intelligence of an animal is 51% genetics and 49% environmental. He created a list ranked by intelligence, and here are the top 9!1. Border Collie

Source: Dogtime

An older breed, born at the border of Scotland and England, the Border Collie has been used for a long time s a herding dog. A smart dog, he is particularly prized for his agility and obedience. He needs to use his excess energy, as he's very active.2. Poodle

Source: Petwave

Used for duck hunting, Poodles have the odd feature of webbed feet! Their size can vary from one to two feet tall. Despite their strong personalities, Poodles are easily trainable. Very intelligent, they love learning new things and having fun with their humans.3. German Shepherd

Source: Petwave

Like the name indicates, German Shepherds come from 19th century Germany. German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs, for defense or rescue. A good family pet, they are protective of children. They are easily trained and very playful.4. Golden Retriever

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Used for game hunting, during which they were used for retrieving prey – where their name comes from – Golden Retrievers originate from 19th Century England. Extremely intelligent, sweet and affectionate, they are most often kept as companions today. They also make excellent guide and rescue dogs.5. Doberman Pinscher 

Source: BePuppy

The breed gets its nae from its creator,Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who bred them in the 19th century in Thuringe, Germany. Used mainly for police work and as guard dogs, they were also used during war times for both the Allies and Germans. Sweet and sensitive, Dobermans are also very attached to their humans. Featuring a strong personality, he needs a firm hand.6. Shetland Sheepdog

Source: DogTime

Like the name indicates, these dogs are from the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, where they served as herding dogs. Affectionate with their humans, Shetlands are suspicious of strangers, which makes them excellent guard dogs. Sweet with children, they can be stubborn at times.7. Labrador

Source: Pixabay

Legend says that Labradors are a cross between a Newfoundland and an otter. Their real ancestors seem more likely to be Saint-John dogs, from the town of Saint-John, Newfoundland. Labradors also received their name from the region in Canada. Extremely playful and affectionate, Labradors make excellent pats and are incredible with children.8. Papillon

Source: Race de chien

The Papillon is an older variety of small spaniel dating from the Renaissance in Italy and Spain. They are above all pets, who love walking with their humans. Close to their favorite people, they are very adaptable. They need to dispense their energy, as they're very active.9. Rottweiler

Source: Le Parisien

With origins dating back to ancient Rome, their ancestors were used to defend cattle on the battlefield. Their name comes from the town of Rottweil, Germany. Sweet and loyal with the members of their families, Rottweilers know how to defend their territories if needed. With strong personality, they need firm training.

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