Top 10 Cat Breeds That Get Along Well With Dogs


Contrary to popular belief, not all cats and dogs are mortal enemies. In fact, some actually enjoy each other's company, so if you're thinking of creating a multi-pet household to please both cat and dog lovers in the family, then this is the list for you!

1. Abyssinian

Source: Cat Breeds List

The Abyssinian is a breed renown for its easy going nature and playful temperament. They are a very sociable breed who are just as happy playing with dogs as they are with people and other cats.Often compared to a cougar or mountain lion, the medium-sized athletic cat features a ticked coat that comes in six colors: red, ruddy, blue, fawn, chocolate and lilac.

2. American Shorthair

Source: iHeartCats

A family favourite, the American Shorthair, once prized for its pest hunting abilities, is now famed for its relaxed nature and ability to get along well with dogs and other pets, as well as its gentleness with children. They are a fairly docile breed who enjoys quiet-time but don't mistake this with being boring!

3. Bombay

Source: Cat World

With its sleek black coat and copper penny eyes, the Bombay demands a second look. They are a very active, playful cat that enjoys all different kinds of games, including fetch. They are very affectionate and will become attached to their family members, both human and dog.

4. Japanese Bobtail

Source: Kurisumasu

The Japanese Bobtail, renown for its distinctive bobbed-tail, shows devotion and affection to everyone in its family including dogs and other pets. Its shorthaired coat makes for easy grooming, and its delightful personality guarantees lots of love for all members of the household.

5. Ragdoll

Source: Catster

Named for its tendency to go limp when picked up, the Ragdoll is one of the most gentle breeds around. They are also known to be giant goofballs who love playing with all types of species, including dogs. This, coupled with its beautiful flowing coat and gorgeous eyes make the Ragdoll a breed that is difficult to resist.

6. Norwegian Forest Cats

Source: iHeartCats

The Norwegian Forest Cat is large and muscular, making them able to set clear boundaries between themselves and their canine housemates. Once these boundaries are established, they’ll get along just fine and even play with the dogs of the house.

7. Birman

Source: Pet Barn

The Birman is a quiet, but but by no means timid breed. In fact, despite their gentle nature, Birmans are known for their love of playing fetch. Not only will they enjoy the game with their human family, they’ll run alongside the dogs as well!

8. Maine Coon

Source: Wamiz

Known as the "gentle-giant" or cat breeds, the Maine Coon is famed for its dog like behaviour as well as its eagerness to play games. They get along well with all members of the family, animal or human.

9. Tonkinese

Source: Vet West

The Tonkinese is a very affectionate cat that seeks out the company of all family members. In fact, although it loves to play fetch with its owners, it’s said that many will even try to play fetch with the dogs!

10. Siberian

Source: Purrfect Cat Breeds

Described as “dog like,” this affectionate cat will fetch, walk of a leash if trained, hunt, leap from one high place to the next and play in water if given the opportunity. Siberian catsare known to be incredibly playful and accepting of other household pets.