Toothless Therapy Dog Comforts Patients Who Are Terrified Of The Dentist

Andrea A.

Karma an adorable old dog who has no more teeth. She was saved by the association,Muttville Senior Rescue, who specializes in the rescue of senior dogs, and her teeth were in such a bad state that the veterinarians decided to remove them all, reportsThe Dodo.


Source : Debra Garrett

But this small defect didn't prevent Debra Garrett from falling for the pup. She had been looking for a pet for her 82-year-old mother who suffers from Alzheimer's. She explained:

My mom [...] really wanted a dog. We did not want her to have a dog that was likely to outlive her or that would require a lot of training and energy. Muttville provided us with the perfect solution for my aging parent, an older dog that was tried and true.
Source : Debra Garrett

Sadly, Debra's mother was incapable of looking after Karma, so Debra and her husband decided to take inthe pup themselves.Karma the revealed one of her special talents. Debra and her husband work in a dentist's office, and started taking their pup with them to work. She loved to keep patients company, and it was decided that Karma was the perfect fir for a therapy dog for stressed patients.


Source : Debra Garrett

Debra said:

It's magical to watch a true dental-phobic patient melt while holding Karma in one of our chairs. Even patients who didn't think it would help much found that their appointment went much better with Karma on their lap.

Source : Debra Garrett

Karma seems to smell the fear in patients and knows how to relax them. Everyone loves her and she changes the whole atmosphere around her. Debra concluded:

The office is a much better environment with Karma working beside us!

Source : Debra Garrett

H/t: The Dodo