Tiny Rescued Bat Has A Bubble Bath And His Frown Is Turned Upside Down


There is nothing better than a relaxing bubble bath after an exhausting day. Apparently, baby bats enjoy some down time too, according to The Dodo.The rescue team from RSPCA West Hatch center in Englandcame across a distressed pipistrelle bat last month. The poor little thing was completely covered in sticky glue after having flown into a fly trap. He could hardly move, let alone fly.


Source: RSPCA West Hatch

The rescuers knew just what would do the trick: a bubble bath!The Dodo heard from someone who works at the clinic that they used high quality washing-up liquid and warm water, and that the little bat was very cooperative. It can be very stressful for animals to be handled in this way and cause trauma, but luckily this bat seemed relaxed.


Source: RSPCA West Hatch

He got a snack afterwards, as you do.Look how cute and clean he is!


Source: RSPCA West Hatch

Much better! The bubble bath seemed to do the trick.The Humane Society of the United States has said that glue traps are 'inhumane' - and for good reason. Every animal that is caught in this trap will suffer. Not all of them are as lucky as this little bat at the end of the day.

H/t: The Dodo