Tiny Puppy Who Was Dangerously Close To Death Is Finally Standing On His Own Four Feet

It was Independence Day when Libre was rescued.Libre, meaning freedom, is a 4-month-old puppy, and he was in the worst possible condition when his breeder surrendered him to animal control in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Source: @DillsburgVeterinaryCenter

Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, says:

I have never in my life seen a dog this close to death. He was literally clinging to life the first time I laid eyes on him.

Libre was emaciated, dehydrated, his skin infested with maggots and beginningto smell from his infections.


Source: @DillsburgVeterinaryCenter

He was taken in by Dillsburg Veterinary Center, where he was given a strong course of antibiotics, pain medication and laser treatments. They began the process of getting rid of the maggots which infested his skin. Libre was finally on the road to recovery.


Source: @DillsburgVeterinaryCenter

But clearly, this would not be an easy process. When he ate an entire can of food without any water, his temperature dropped rapidly and the centre was truly concerned that he might not make it.

But Libre wasn't giving up that easily: they later made the happy announcement that he'd had another two cans of food.Just a few days later, news broke that the breeder has also given up Libre's very sick mother to Lancaster SPCA.However, they will not be pressing any animal cruelty charges against the breeder of Libre and his mother. They explained in a press release:

Due to the facts in the case, it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that true intent existed to harm the puppy. Accordingly, no criminal charges will be filed against the breeder.

There have been no updates on Libre's mother's condition from the SPCA, but Libre is slowly recovering.

Janine Guido is continuing to fight for Libre and his mother, asking the question of just how the dogs ended up in such a terrible state. She says:

This disgusts me and has outraged everyone that is supporting and following Libre's story.

Though Libre is still battling against the odds, he can now stand up on his own, he is eating again and has gained half a pound. He has just recently been taken off I.V. fluids too.

Libre is doing so much better than they ever imagined. Hopefully he will soon be put into a foster home and then go up for adoption once he's in the clear.

Obviously, Libre will require lots of extra special love and care after having suffered so much for most of his life. But Guido remains confident that "This little 4-month-old pup is not giving up. He is a true fighter and has such a will to live."


Source: @SperanzaAnimalRescue

Libre is looking so much better these days, but there's still a long way to go.You can donate to Libre's medical bills here. Keep up-to-date with his recovery on Facebook with Speranza Animal Rescue and Dillsbury Veterinary Center.