Tiny Puppy Is Absolutely Determined To Cuddle With This Monkey


At the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe, all animals are welcome. Whether they be domestic or wild animals, they each have a place at the sanctuary.It was in this environment that a very unlikely friendship formed: a magical bond between a puppy and a monkey.We've all been there! An adorable little monkey is sleeping, whenthe puppycomes along and tries to disturb him.


Source: @TheDodo/ YouTube

The sleeping beauty's monkey friend is on hand to try and protect the tired little creature.


Source: @TheDodo/ YouTube

But to no avail: the pup puts up a fight and succeeds in keeping his place beside the monkey.The cute pup is the clear winner of this little tussle!


Source: @TheDodo/ YouTube

The Twala refuge was founded in 2011 and is directed by Sarah Carter and Dr Vinay Ramlaul, the vet who takes care of their large animal family. They work with animals of all kinds to make sure that they are each guaranteed a safe and happy home. According to their Facebook page:

We are creating a forever home for the animals and birds we have rescued from all over Zimbabwe. From lions to meerkats, donkeys to owls, our beloved animal family will live the lives they so deserve in our care at Twala. 

Watch the magicalvideo of the best friends here:

If you'd like to support their work and keep seeing adorable videos like these, you can support the Twala Trust be making a donation here.

H/t: @TheDodo

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