Tiny Mockingbird Wouldn’t Have Survived Without This Adorable Pair Of "Snowshoes"

In the middle of August, the California Wildlife Center(CWC) rescued a small Northern Mockingbird. This little bird was born malformed, with knuckling feet that prevented herfrom perching, holding onto things or even walking properly.


Source: CWC

She had a hard time opening her feet and having to stand on her curled toes caused additional injury to the poor little thing.Jennifer Brent, the executive director at CWC, told Buzzfeed that birds in this condition will "likely perish" in the wild because of their disadvantage.


Source: CWC

This tiny bird's feet needed to be trained to spread out and the veterinarian team at CWC had to come up with a creative solution. The result is the cutest pair of shoes for a tiny little bird! They looked like snowshoes or a pair of too-big sandals that could rival any doll clothes.


Source: CWC

They used cardboard as a base and tape to keep the little toes stuck in place. The design allows the bird's feet to be reset to a normal template. She had to wear them for a few days before her feet were completely healed. She is now able to walk, perch and do anything a normal bird can do!The CWC has between5 and 10 cases like this every year. Almost allthe birds that they treat are released healthy and recovered.Click here to get involved at CWC so you can help cases like this one.