Tiny Dog's Fur Was So Matted That She Cried When Anyone Tried To Touch Her

Olive, a tiny Shih Tzu, was found terrified and alone hiding inside a building. The little dog had clearly been severely neglected and her fur was totally filthy and matted, causing her a great deal of pain.The canine's condition was so severe that she cried every time someone tried to stroke her.

Source: RSPCA

Olive was in critical condition and was sent to an RSPCA shelter straight away (the equivalent of the ASPCA in the USA). When she arrived, veterinarians and volunteers were shocked by her terrible condition. Stephanie Law, an inspector for the RSPCA expressed her shock in a press release:

 When I saw Olive for the first time I was really, really upset. Her coat was really badly matted and she had terrible infections in her eyes and ears. She just looked a complete state, she wouldn’t move, she looked so bad, I haven’t seen a dog look that bad and still be alive to be honest.

Knowing that the little dog needed specialist care, volunteers transferred Olive to theWood Street Veterinary Hospitalwhere she was anaesthetised to be properly examined. Her fur was then completely shaved off to finally rid her of her suffering.

Source: RSPCA

Sadly, this revealed that she had swelling around her neck, head, and eyes. Stephanie continues:

The fact someone could just leave her in that state, it really upset me. She was obviously in a lot of pain. She was on quite a high dose of morphine and antibiotics and she was just totally unresponsive.

As soon as Olive's condition stabilized, Emily Brown, a nurse at the clinic, brought the canine home with her. She explains:

I knew I wanted her straight away. She was just broken, she seemed exhausted, the things she must have gone through. I just knew she had to come home with me.

Source: RSPCA

Slowly but surely, Olive regained her strength, soon forgetting all about the ordeal of her past. Now she is a very calm dog who loves to play with her new brother and best friend Benji.Emily concludes:

She’s really sassy and has such a cute personality. She’s really cuddly but can be really playful at the same time. She’s just perfect; I don’t know how anyone could have treated her the way they did. She’s just incredible.

* * *

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