Tiny Chihuahua Abandoned Next To Highway Trusted His Rescuers Immediately


The animal rescue organization, Hope For Paws, in Los Angeles, received a call last month about a little dog who was spotted fending for ___self between the L.A. river and the railroad tracks. One of the volunteers, Lisa Arturo, spotted the pup in the bushes.


Source: Hope for Paws/YouTube

The puppy was in a dangerous, wide-open space and the team decided they had better sneak up on him so that he would not dash off into the road. However, the strangest thing happened - the pup did not move a muscle.


Source: Hope for Paws/YouTube

As he was caught in the net, he started wriggling about, but after about ten seconds of stress, he realized that he was safe and allowed his rescuers to pet him.


Source: Hope for Paws/YouTube

Diesel, as he was affectionately named, was taken back to the center on a leash and did not struggle when his rescuers picked him up.


Source: Hope for Paws/YouTube

The sweet dog, who is only a year old, received medical attention and was then taken to another shelter, Rescue from the Hart, who would try and help him find his forever home.


Source: Hope for Paws/YouTube

No-one knows where the puppy came from or how he ended up living alone on the highway, but Diesel is healthy and so ready to be adopted, thanks to the great rescue team at Hope for Paws and all the love and care at Rescue from the Hart. If you are interested in adopting little Diesel, click here.[caption id="attachment_19115" align="alignnone" width="960"]

Diesel, second from right, and his new friends.

Diesel, second from right, and his new friends. Source: Rescue from the Hart[/caption]You can watch the full video of little Diesel's rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_xfTIr77eE&feature=share[/embed]

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