Tiny Bear Cub Clings To His Mom's Cold Body After She's Killed By Poachers

A tiny sloth bear cub was a victim of another tragic attack and was orphaned after poachers killed his mother in India at the end of February, reports The Dodo.He clung to his dead mom's cold, stiff body because he was terrified and had nowhere else to go. The pair had wandered across a high-voltage electric fence that poachers had set as a trap at the edge of a tiger sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. It was a miracle that the baby survived, as the mother died almost instantly.


Source: International Animal Rescue

When he was found by rescuers, the cub was lying on top of his mom's body. The team from theAgra Bear Rescue Facility (ABRF)took him back to their facility, which is run by two animal protection organizations,Wildlife SOSandInternational Animal Rescue (IAR). At this facility reside more than 200 rescued dancing bears.Dr Amol Narwade of Wildlife SOS said:

The young bear is currently extremely traumatised and will need to be kept under constant observation by the medical team.

Source: International Animal Rescue

In the meantime, a group of investigators along with their sniffer dogs followed the trail of the poachers right onto their doorstep and found all the evidence necessary to arrest them in accordance with the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Alan Knight, CEO of International Animal Rescue, said:

He has suffered a terrible trauma and will require intensive treatment and care in the months ahead to recover.

Source: International Animal Rescue

In India, sloth bears are finding it more and more difficult to survive in the wild due to habitat loss and poaching. They are removed from their natural environments either to be eaten or to be trafficked and cruelly trained as dancing bears.Liz Key of the IAR told The Dodo:

Had the mother and baby bear not been discovered [by the rescuers], it's likely the poachers would have eaten the dead female and perhaps taken the baby to sell on for baiting or bear dancing over the border in Nepal, where the laws are more lax.

Source: International Animal Rescue

While this little bear was given a new home with friends, medical care and lots of love, he will never get his mom back, even though the poachers are awaiting trial. Thousands of other bears that are still safe in the wild are at risk while poachers are still out there.You can help this little bear grow up big and strong, and eventually be released into the wild to start a family of his own, by making a donation to IAR here.

Our hearts break as we share the sad news of yet another orphaned baby.We are so sorry to report that a tiny bear cub has had to be rescued in India after his mother was killed by poachers.The cub was found clinging to his dying mother, who had been electrocuted by a high voltage wire rigged up by poachers. Amazingly the bear cub survived the electrocution and was still nursing from his mother when the rescue team arrived.It is painful to imagine the desperation and helplessness that his mother must have been feeling in her last moments.The cub has been taken to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, which we are proud to fund. Thanks to your kind support, the sanctuary has specialised medical and weaning facilities to provide care for young animals.This young bear is currently extremely traumatised and requires constant care from the medical team. We have every confidence in the expertise of our partners at Wildlife SOS who currently care for more than 300 former dancing bears in sanctuaries throughout India.Please donate to enable us to continue funding the care of this poor baby - a donation £15/$19 will pay for round the clock care for this tiny cub for one day: https://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/donateSix men were identified as having deliberately caused the electrocution of the bear by installing the high voltage wire and are currently in jail awaiting trial. For the full report, please visit: https://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/news/tiny-bear-cub-rescued-india-after-his-mother-killed-poachersThank you to our partners Wildlife SOS for the video clips of this rescued cub.Posted by International Animal Rescue on Thursday, February 23, 2017

H/t: The Dodo

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