Tied Up Without Food For Days, She Recovered - But Is Still Waiting To Be Adopted


Janina Schan is the founder ofOsa Peninsula Rescuein Costa Rica and is an avid animal-lover. So when she got a call to go and save Lila, an abandoned dog who had been tied up for days without food or water, her heart broke.


Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

Lila weighed much less was healthy for her age, after spending days fending for herself. Targowski told The Dodo:

Lila was very close to death. She could not stand. She was very weak. And on top of that, she had horrible mange. She was just skin and bones.

Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

But Lila's spirit seemed not to have suffered one bit. This brave pup gained her strength back, and with the help of her rescuers, she was perfectly happy and healthy a year later, and ready to find her forever home.

After a good 10 minute cry this morning.. I present to you, Rescue of the day.. Lila.. She was found in Bambo area, someone had apparently "left her there" on purpose.. probably because she was sick.. or maybe they just didn't want her anymore. A small doggy girl of approx. 4-5years of age... she still has years of her life left!IF YOU CAN HELP WITH ANY DONATIONS, I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT.. HER TREATMENT WILL BE EXPENSIVE AND LONG ! THANKS FOR ANY SUPPORT! OUR DONATION EMAIL FOR PAYPAL IS: [email protected], our Banco Nacional Account is: 200-02-020-006655-9, Janina Schan, ID:15102020020066555;Thank you!----Despues de llorar 10 minutos cuando rescate a esta pequena perrita... yo tengo que presentarles.. rescate del dia de hoy 24 de Febrero, Lila! Ella estaba en el area de Bambo de Puerto Jimenez. Alguien la abandono alla... probablamente por que estaba enferma.. o talvez solamente ya no la querian. Ella tiene mas o menos 4-5 anos.. todavia tiene mucha vida en ella!SI PUEDEN AYUDAR CON ALGUNA DONCACION, AGRADECEMOS CUAL QUE AYUDA CON ELLA! SU TRATAMIENTO VA A SER CARO Y MUCHOS MESES! GRACIAS POR CUAL QUE AYUDA, SI DESEAN AYUDA CON LA CUENTA DE PAYPAL [email protected] o el Banco Nacional 200-02-020-006655-9, Janina Schan, Cedula:15102020020066555;Posted by Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

However, the second tragedy of her short, difficultlife was about to strike. This girl is beautiful, friendly and young, but she is having major trouble being adopted.


Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

People in Costa Rica generally favor big, purebred dogs, instead of mixed breeds. Targowski explained:

If you have a nice Doberman or German shepherd, you're going to adopt him in no time. And dogs like Lila don't stand a chance.

Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

So the Plan B was to try and find Lila's forever home outside Costa Rica, and spread the word in Canada, where Targowski lives. The story has been shared all over Facebook, and things are looking positive.


Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

Although Lila had to have surgery to remove a growth in her back early in January, she is recovering well. As soon as Lila has recovered, she will be flown to Canada where many families have filled out adoption forms for her.This will be a welcome change for the pup who spent the first part of her life being abused and neglected, and the second part being passed on from foster home to foster home for a year.


Source: Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions

Osa Rescue & Adoption said on their Facebook page:

She's doing super well but is a bit bored - she just wants to play on the beach with her other doggie friends. Hopefully soon we have her results back and she can fly to Canada.

 If you are considering applying to adopt Lila and you live in Canada, send an email to [email protected].

You can also follow the organization's rescues and support them through their Facebook page.

H/t: The Dodo