Tied To A Car, This Dog Was Dragged Over Concrete For Miles In Front Of Horrified Villagers


This summer, the village of Larino, in the Italian province of Campobasso were subjected to a monstrous display, which caused a storm of outrage online.


On the morning of August 3, a car was seen driving through the village, followed by the shouts and screams of horrified onlookers.The reason for their horror was all too clear; a dog, covered in blood, being dragged behind the car and horrendously injured. Appallingly, the 85-year-old man behind the wheel was the owner of the German Pointer, who did not survive the incident despite the efforts of veterinarians.

Source: Il Giornale del Molise

The commotion swiftly caught the attention of the local police, who arrested the man and took him in for questioning.He initially tried to say it was just an accident, saying that the dog had fallen out of the boot and been dragged behind the car as he was still tied to it. However, people who witnessed the awful incident said that they had seen the man, an avid hunter, tie his dog to the car and drag him behind the car until he died. According to investigators, the man's weapons license has since been suspended over his behavior.

A German Pointer, like the victim. Source: La Doppietta.

The local authorities have opened an inquest into the case to shed light on what lead up to the fatal incident, hoping to press animal cruelty charges. Roberto Colonna, spokesperson for animal protection group EITAL (Ente Italiano per la Tutela degli Animali e la Legalità), said on the blog Primonumero:

This was an act that must be strongly condemned. Absolutely horrible. [...] We are currently looking for witnesses and are ready to bring a civil lawsuit if justice prevails. 

The scandal caused a wave of outrage on Italian social media, with people all over the country expressing their shock and sadness that someone could torture an innocent animal in such a callous way.

Cover Image: Il Giornale del Molise & Amore a Quattro Zampe. 

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