Thrown Along The Side Of The Road, He Had Abandoned All Hope Of Survival


At the beginning of February, the sanctuary Edgar's Mission, located in Australia, took in a six-month-old, injured lamb, who had been thrown on the side of the road by employees at a farm.The animal, named Lambert, had a broken foot and couldn't stand upright when the other sheep were let out of the truck into a field. They preferred to leave the animal to die instead of helping him, so an employee left him on the side of the road.


Source: Edgar's Mission

Luckily for Lambert, Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar's Mission, saw the horrifying scene. After asking the employee if she could take the lamb, she brought him to the sanctuary.The association, which has savedand cared for hundreds of animals since its creation in 2003, quickly took charge of the animal. His foot was in bad shape, and he seemed to have abandoned hope of survival: instead of fighting, he seemed to calmly be waiting for death.


Source: Edgar's Mission

Lambert rapidly underwent veterinary exams which showed he was in critical condition. In an interview given to The Dodo, Pam Ahernexplained:

We were to later learn from the vet the break was not recent, having been done several days earlier, which meant the poor guy had been in immense pain for some time.

Source: Edgar's Mission

After a few days at the veterinarian where hereceived treatment and an operation performed on his foot, Lambert rejoined the sanctuary. The animal, calm and docile, needed a lot of rest and affection to recover from the ordeal. Ahern continued:

He is slowly coming to terms with kindness. It is something that is so foreign to him, yet should be the right of every creature on the planet to be afforded kindness by humans.

Source: Edgar's Mission

Rescuers for the association have taken in many lambs like Lambert and offer them a second chance to live out a happy life. He will be able to calmly recover from the trauma he has suffered throughout his life.If you would like to donate to Edgar's Missionand their incredible work, you can make a donation by clicking here, or follow them on Facebookhere.

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