This Young, Terminally Ill Dog Is Bringing Life To His Elderly Friends


Many might think that it's strange that Trigger, an 18-month-old dog, is living at Vintage Pet Rescue, a doggy 'retirement home' for elderly rescues.However, it starts to make more sense when his carers explain the situation; Trigger, sadly has a terminal illness and may only be months from death.

vintage pet rescue trigger

Source: Vintage Pet Rescue/Facebook

He was first diagnosed when his family took him to a shelter, saying that he was urinating everywhere. It turned out to be stage four renal failure, an aggressive form of kidney failure.Wanting to make what time he has left as comfortable as possible and knowing that it was highly unlikely that the pup would be adopted in such a dire condition, the shelter reached out to find a group that would take Trigger in.https://www.facebook.com/vintagepetrescue/photos/a.1953957914889829.1073741828.1953944134891207/2002624763356477/?type=3&theaterVintage Pet Rescue decided to let their unusual resident in because his condition was so severe - not that Trigger seems to notice! According to volunteers, he is as energetic and fun-loving as any puppy and is providing some much-needed pep for the older dogs.Kristin Peralta, Vintage Pet Rescue's founder, told iheartdogs:

 We are used to seniors who sleep most of the day, but Trigger just wants to play, play, play! We’ve been taking him on long walks and he’s been playing for hours in the backyard.

https://www.facebook.com/vintagepetrescue/photos/a.1953957914889829.1073741828.1953944134891207/1998298880455732/?type=3&theaterHe has made friends with Asher, an 11-year-old Pit Bull who doesn't mind his younger friend's love of wrestling, and seems to have been accepted into the pack.It's a sad fact that Trigger might not outlive the older dogs around him. But life is about quality, not quantity, and Peralta is determined to "make sure his last months are the best ones yet".You can help Trigger and his friends by donating to Vintage Pet Rescue. If you are considering getting a pet, please consider adopting an elderly dog.They make just as good companions as younger animals and you can help make sure that their last years are the best of their lives.

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