This Young Jack Russel Was Just Tortured With A Corkscrew - A Rescue Jumps Into Action

Andrea A.

On Tuesday, May 23, the association "Les Amis de Sam" (Sam's Friends) based in Aix-en-Provence, France, intervened in an urgent case to help save a one-year-old Jack Russell terrier who was the victim of extreme violence by her owner.(Caution: Some images are graphic.)

Source: Les Amis de Sam/Facebook

Neighbors sounded the alarm

It was residents of the Encagnane neighborhood who sounded the alarm after hearing the dog cry out in pain. On their Facebook page, the association recounted :

We were called in urgence to a home in Aix for a case of maltreatment. Once on site, we saw a bleeding dog on the third floor balcony, with blood dripping down. 

That was how the volunteers discovered the young female, face bloodied with large wounds under her eyes. "He probably used a corkscrew, according to neighbors. And then he slashed her muzzle," explainedSylvie Roche, president of "Amis de Sam" to the site,France Bleu Provence.The owner, a 56-year-old man, strangely had a good reputation in the area. "It's fairly paradoxical. [he] was well-known [...] for going to the shop to buy hamburgers to give to his dogs," continued Roche.


Source: Les Amis de Sam/Facebook

17 stitches

The little dog, renamed Bonnie, was taken into custody by the association. She was given emergency surgery and put under anesthesia to receive 17 stitches.The day after the operation, the organization shared the news and indicated that she had joined her new foster family:

She was given an IV during the night because she had lost a lot of blood. We went to see her in the morning, and we got a warm welcome with lots of kisses from her. She's an adorable little dog. She left for her foster home in the early afternoon where she will be able to regain her strength. 

The man also had a young male, who was also seized by the association and renamed Clyde.


Source: Les Amis de Sam/Facebook

"Les Amis de Sam" filed charges for animal cruelty against the man."The pups are doing well despite the circumstances and their safety is our priority for the moment. As for the rest, we need to wait for the results of the investigation," concluded the association.


Source: Les Amis de Sam/Facebook

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

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