This Young French Bulldog Lost His Life After Being Locked In A Car In Direct Sunlight


Nigil, a 3 year old French Bulldog, died in the middle of October after being left in a car in direct sunlight for nearly 6 hours. His family was at a carnival near the train station next to where the car was parked in Salem, Massachusetts.

A French Bulldog like Nigil. Source: YouTube

Alerted by a passer-by, police officers arrived at the scene at about 6pm to discover Nigil apparently lifeless, surrounded by a pool of his own vomit in the passenger seat. Although the temperature outside was quite mild, after several hours under the sun, the inside of the car had reached 122 degrees Fahrenheit.Arriving soon after the police, the dog's owners, a couple confirmed that it was both their car and their dog. Sadly, after hours in a vehicle that had become an oven, Nigil had died. Richard Sullivan, superintendent for the local police, said in a statement:

This on the surface may appear to be irresponsible pet owners, but it is much more than that. This is criminal. Our pets depend on us to care for them properly. Clearly that was not done, which sadly resulted in the death of Nigil.

A bulldog like Nigil. Source: Robyn Urman

Arrested for cruelty to animals and put before a tribunal the following day, the couple was released on bail ($250 each) and banned from owning, or being put in charge of any animal.

H/t: Boston Globe

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