Yorkshire Terrier Was Brutally Silenced With Elastic Bands But Now He's In Safe Hands

This is the story of Icko, a poor dog who truly went through hell and back again.At the start, the little Yorkshire Terrier seemed set for a wonderful life.Icko was in a pet shop in Marseille, France, when he found a loving family to take him home.


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Given the name Icko, the little puppy was ready to start his new life alongside a little girl who adored him. But sadly, they found him too manic and ended up abandoning him.After that, the National Canine Register found him another three families. But each one rejected him... Apparently he was too hyper and barked too much. All he needed was somelove and attention so that hecould be trained to calm down.


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But instead, he ended up living in the home of a cruel and torturous man. At first, the little dog was locked outside on a balconyall dayand night.

An atrocious act of cruelty to make him quiet

But now Icko wasbarking more than usual, as he was now barking for help. In a cruel twist of fate, this aggravated his savage human even more and so he brutally tied elastic bands around the poor dog's muzzle so that he couldn't make a noise."The elastic bands were tied so tightly around his muzzle thathis jaw was ripped in half," explainedIsabelle, a French lawyer from Marseille who ended up giving the dog a second chance at life.


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Thankfully, a neighbour caught sight of the dog's situation andIcko was rescued by the animal protection association,SPA de Marseille-Provencejust in time.Taken immediately to the emergency vet, Icko's diagnosis did not look good:

Icko's muzzle was completely blue. The elastic bands had cut off his blood circulation, and they had cut through his flesh and gums. 

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The vets did all they could to save Icko from his horrific injuries, and thankfully the operation was a success.Despite his wounds, blood still managed to flow to his mouth so he could still use it.It was a true miracle.


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Thousands shocked by Icko's ordeal

Soon it was time for theSPAto put the Yorkie up for adoption. Unsurprisingly, thousands of animal lovers were utterlyshocked by Icko's horrific ordeal.Within a few days, a woman from Marseille, named Isabelle, came forward sayingshe would like to adopt the little dog!


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She said:When I saw a photo of the little dog, who had been forced to suffer such agony, I picked up the telephone and didn't stop ringing until the SPA finally picked up after thirty attempts. And that's how Icko became part of my life...


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"This dog's a true anti-depressant"

Ever since, Icko has been happier than ever in his new home. Despite all the ordeals of his tragic life, it seems his emotional scars, as well as his physical scars, are healing."He doesn't growl or bite. He shows no signs of aggression. Despite everything, he's full of the joys of spring. This dog's a truedepressant", saidIsabelle.


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Icko's torturer is currently under trial and awaiting his sentencing. The man risks two years in prison and a fine of up to $35,000.A petition demanding the maximum sentence for his heinous crime has already received over32,000 signatures. You can make your voice heard too by signing here.

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