This Woman Just Saved 75 Dogs From Euthanasia When She Decided To Adopt Them All


There were 75 dogs waiting in the hallway to die. All were supposed to be euthanized at the City Veterinary Office dog pound in the town of Bacolod in the Philippines. Local law states that all dogs whose owner has not come to claim them in the 10 days following their capture will automatically be considered abandoned and euthanized.Thankfully, fate had it that Cher Herrera, a 37-year-old Philippine woman, decided to visit the establishment just before the date where they were scheduled to be killed. The young woman had come to feed an abandoned dog - something she had been doing for several weeks - when she heard about the tragic destiny that awaited the others.After learning the news, she decided she couldn't sit around and do nothing, so she decided to adopt no less than 13 dogs, who she left with that same day. Knowing they were facing certain death - from a bullet in the head - Cher wanted to save as many as possible.

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That night, it was impossible for Cher to sleep. She kept hearing the desperate cries of the other dogs in the shelter resonating in her head. That's why, when she received her monthly salary a few days later, she made the crazy decision to adopt the 62 dogs who were left. To stop them, at all costs, from being killed: that became her unique objective.


Source: Facebook/Cher Herrera

With the help of some friends, Cher was able to place some of the dogs in temporary foster homes. Then she posted on Facebook calling on her friends' generosity to help find all of the dogs a family. Her message was shared more than 14,000 times, after which many people offered their help.

Again, I am calling all the attention of all dog lovers. 58 dogs will be put down this week here in Bacolod City Dog Pound and they need our help. As much na gusto ko lahat sila e save lahat, hindi ko po kakayanin pag ako lang mag isa :-( kailangan ko po ang inyong tulong lalo na ang inyong time. Maraming maraming salamat po. May nag donate na po sakin para sa adoption fee sa City hall pero ang problema ay wala malagyan sa kanila temporary habang nag aantay ng mag adopt talaga sa kanila. Kung sino po sana ang merong area na pwede sila ilagay na safe at kami na po ang bahala sa pagkain nila at pag linis. Sa mga pwede po maka help sakin ng kahit ano, Dogfood, vitamins, gamot, sabon etc are welcome po talaga at kailangan talaga ng mga dogs po ito. Lalo na po sa pwede maka pag assist sa akin facilitate in saving these furbabies, sobra ko po pasasalamatan.#ADOPTNOTSHOPTheresa Antaran Japsay Kim O'bryan Jaja Llena-Ibarreta Ritika-Pooja Dowlani Ina Limcangco Kris Kring JT Einnoc Hcab Blin Evelyn Jules Trinidad Glenda Mae Puentevella Caleb Lopez Jannelle Antolo Jamandre Pam DC Montoya Casey Joy Mateo Cheyserr de la Cruz Ody Bulanadi#Thirteen_SixtytwoPublié par Cher Herrera sur dimanche 5 février 2017

Certain social media users offered to adopt the dogs, while other donated food. Even better, an American animal protection organization offered to help construct a sanctuary where the animals can be rehabilitated, with the goal of being adopted later.


Source: Facebook/Cher Herrera

At this time, only a dozen of the dogs are still in the temporary shelter, and they're the ones who have been traumatized by the abuse and mistreatment they experienced in the past, which made it necessary for them to wait longer to be adopted. As soon as they're ready, they will also be adopted by loving families.


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