This Video Shows The True Colours Of So-Called "Dangerous" Dog Breeds

Andrea A.

Last week, the French dog charity "Gueules d'Anges" (Angel Dog Guardians) published this amazing video which aims to change our attitudes towards dogs who are unfairly labelled "dangerous breeds". [embed][/embed]

Laws banning "dangerous" dogs

This French charity published their video in response to the laws in France concerning "dangerous dog breeds". Dogs such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers are placed in categories which means these dogs are seen as potential threats to people's safety.In the UK, The Dangerous Dogs Act passed in 1991 was supposedly created tokeep the public safe. It means that the British law now bans citizens from owning, giving, breeding, or sellingPitbull Terriers, along with three other breeds -Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.There has been long-term campaigning by charities toreform this law because it is totally unfair to ban a breed when it is not their genetics that make them dangerous but rather their irresponsible owners who are to blame.


Source : @YouTube

Indeedan RSPCA spokesman said:

The RSPCA believes that the application of breed specific legislation, which bans four specific types of dog through section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act is unjustifiable, ineffective and punishes certain types of dogs for the way they look. We want Governments to adopt a legislative approach that recognises that any individual dog, irrespective of breed or type, can display aggression towards people, and that responsibility for this lies with the owners. 

Source : @YouTube

Changing opinions

The French charity's aim is to changethese dog breeds' reputations. By showing us a video of these so-called "threatening" dogs cuddling their humans, as young as tiny kids, and as old as a dying woman, they show us just how loving and tender thedogs are.Indeed, the majority of these victimiseddogs are not viciousat all. If a human shows a dog love, they will only show love back.

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