This Unwanted Puppy Was Thrown Out Of A Car But Fought Against All The Odds

In the beginning of August in Anderson Country, South Carolina, Callie the little puppy was treated in the worst way possible. She was thrown off the back of a truck and she is in a terrible state, reports The Dodo.


Source: Boxer Butts & Other Mutts

The same day, Heidi Schermerhorn-Wagner, founder of the association Boxer Butts & Other Mutts, received a photo of Callie. Her heart skipped a beat and she immediately wanted to take care of this worse-for-wear pup. In a frustrating turn of events, however, Callie had to spend 5 days in the pound before Heidi could take her home.


Source:  Boxer Butts & Other Mutts

In that moment, Callie became the one and only desire of someone, when just a few days before she was the most unwanted puppy on the planet. Heidi took her to the vet immediately. She explained:

Our vet said it was the worst case of mange he had ever seen. She was way too thin and her little spirit was broken.

Covered in sores, skin wounds and infections, Callie's little body was extremely sickly. She was shaky and frightened of everything. She refused to do anything but curl up in a little ball, unable to even lift up her head to look at her rescuers.

Back at the association's shelter Callie slowly but surely started gaining her energy back under the sharp surveillance of a medical team. Little by little, she started walking, eating and running.


Source:  Boxer Butts & Other Mutts

Callie is doing so much better. On September 5 Heidi updated Boxer Butts & Other Mutts' Facebook page with reassuring and excellent news of Callie. She wrote:

But look at our girl now, everyday she gets more and more hair, she is a full fledged puppy, full of energy and mischief, just like a puppy should be. She is no longer the scared and timid little puppy that would cower down when you even talked to her.


Source: Boxer Butts & Other Mutts

Callie isn't ready to be put up for adoption yet, but for Heidi, this pup's progress is encouraging. Some people thought she should have been euthanised... What a waste of a perfectly happy, adorable and lively puppy life that would have been. All that Callie needed was someone to believe in her - someone to want her.

Heidi concluded:

I will tell you this girl is a SURVIVOR. A true "underdog" that beat the odds that were stacked against her.

H/t: The Dodo

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