This "Unwanted" Dog Was Covered In So Many Ticks They Thought She Had A Skin Disease


(Caution: Some images could be shocking)CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) is an organization based in South Africa which helps animals in the poorest neighborhoods receive treatment.


Source: CLAW

Many of the areas they work with are incredibly impoverished and do not have the funds or the resources to treat their animals, often resulting in truly shocking cases.Unlike the cases where the owner could not afford food, this was pure neglect. The group was called to a home to take away the unwanted dog and when they found her she had what looked like a very severe skin disease. To their horror, they soon realized what looked like strange bumps on her ears and eyelids were actually ticks.


Source: CLAW

Belle was immediately rushed into veterinary care, thanks to CLAW's two on-staff vets. She was covered in thousands of ticks and had tick fever and severe anemia, so much so that she could barely stand or walk.It would have been impossible for the team to remove all of the ticks individually, as this would cause excessive bleeding for the already weak animal.


Source: CLAW

They sprayed her with a product called Fibrotec which causes paralysis in the ticks allowing them to fall out on there own within 24 hours.After posting Belle's story on Facebook, it quickly went viral, gathering more than 12,000 shares, 1.5 million views and thousands of comments from well-wishers around the world.


Source: CLAW

CLAW runs completely on donations, so the extra attention helped them get Belle the treatment she, and so many other dogs, needed.The pooch is doing so much better now! Within a couple days all of the ticks had to fallen out.


Source: CLAW

She has since been adopted and is in a loving home. CLAW posted on Facebook:

Sweet Belle stole Hannah's heart and went home just a few weeks ago. To see her looking so happy and healthy again, makes it all worthwhile!

Source: CLAW

The organization is pursuing charges against the person who let the canine get into such a bad state. Even though there is a sever tick problem in the areas of South Africa where they work, there is no excuse for this negligence.

Each case is studied and investigated. Laying charges takes time. We try to do it right to ensure that the cases make it to court and are taken seriously. Whilst we have some great laws in favor of the animals, our justice system is not always educated in these laws and it is our duty to change this and educate as we go along. In terms of Belle, we will be pursuing charges but it isn't something that happens overnight.

We are so glad that Belle is better,but there are so many more animals who need help. If you would like to donate to assist CLAW in all their incredible work, you can go to theirwebsite. They also accept Paypal donations through their partner organization IFWA, just specify that the donation is for CLAW.