This Unapproachable Dog Panicked When Rescuers Tried To Save Him


The rescuers at Hope for Pawsreceived a call about a stray dog seen wandering the streets of Los Angeles.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

The canine had been unapproachable by anyone trying to get near him, but the experts knew just what to do.They spotted him laying in a school yard. He was visibly on edge, looking up on high alert anytime someone walked by.Rescuers closed the gate to the yard and snuck up behind him with a gentle snare while he was laying down.Understandably terrified when he realized he'd been captured, the dog started desperately trying to free himself, crying out and yelping in panic.

He had finally started to calm down when the sound of breaking glass nearby frightened him again.Rescuers patiently waited for him to relax once more, and they started gently petting him. He seemed to have understood that they were here to help him.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

He let them place the leash around his neck and even pick him up.They decided to name the adorable pooch Seymour.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

Seymour was thrilled to take his first car ride back to the shelter, where he was given a nice warm bath.


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

Hope for Paws handed him over to A.R.T. and Pawsanimal rescue, and they quickly found him a forever home, where he gets all the love he deserves!


Source: Hope for Paws/Youtube

Seymour is one of thousands of stray dogs wandering the streets of Los Angeles. To help more animals like him get rescued, you can donate, here.Watch the full video of the rescue below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U78CkXDPVo4[/embed]

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