This Two-Legged Pitbull And His New Foster Puppy Are Too Cute For Words


Ffity is a two-legged Pitbull who was rescued by Kelly Michael after he was shot by a police officer and had to have two legs amputated. Despite being advised to put him down, Kelly nurtured Fifty andhe can even walk on his own now. He became an internet sensation as a symbol of hope for all pups who have been through the wars.


Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull

Recently, Kelly brought home a foster puppy called Jane for Fifty to look after until she finds a forever home. The pair are adorable and spend every moment together. Despite everything he's been through, Fifty is the most loving and caring pup and is the best adoptive father Jane could ever hope for.


Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull

Jane was abandoned at Chicago’s Union Station but thankfully saved and taken to a shelter home where Kelly found her.


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Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull

The pair look strikingly similar which makes them all the more adorable.


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They love cosying up together for naptime. And they've mastered so many snug positions.


Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull


Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull


Source: @FiftyThe2LeggedPitbull

When Fifty got a new scarf, Jane got a new toy :)


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We could scroll through photos of this adorable duo all day. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to see even cuter videos of them playing together!

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