This Truck Driver Pulled Over In The Pouring Rain To Rescue A Cat Who Looked Dead

On March 10, a three-year- old black cat was found lying helplessly on the side of a motorway in Burnaby, Canada, having been run over. But a truck driver spotted him and wasn't going to let him die.


Source: @DennisMcDonald/TheDodo

Dennis McDonalddidn't let the torrentialrainorthe ongoing traffic, or the fact that he was driving a5-tonne lorry, stop him from turning around to help the poor animal.The man pulled over and got down from his vehicle to hurry towards the cat. Lying face down in a puddle, most people would have presumed it dead.But McDonald saw that he was still breathing and knew he had to save him.The man lifted up the cat as gently as possible, supporting his whole body so as not to cause him any more pain. Once he got back into his vehicle with the injured animal, he immediately drove to the emergency vet clinic, theBCSPCA.He was in a terrible state: his jaw was broken,and both his spine and skull were fractured.


Source: @DennisMcDonald/TheDodo


Source: @DennisMcDonald/TheDodo

The vets knew he needed immediate dental surgery if he was ever going to use his jaw again so they askedWest Coast Veterinary Dental Servicesfor their help. Thankfully, the operation was a success.


Source: @DennisMcDonald/TheDodo

Thanks to the truck driver's intuition and compassion, what was meant to be the last day of his life ended up being a whole new beginning for this cat.Dennis ended up adopting the cat and naming himBB-8, after the Star Wars character.In an interview withThe Dodo, the kind man explained:

I said to myself, 'I don't believe that he's dead. I'm turning around.' I knew I couldn't carry on with my day if I hadn't gone back.

It turns out the cat's name was Kevinand he had recently been abandoned by his family and left to fend for his own.But it was destined that Dennis would find him and offer him a second chance at life.


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The cat quickly settled into his new home with two other feline friends, and with his human's love and care, he got better every day.In an interview withNews Vancouver, Dennis took the occasion to offer a message to anyone who spots an injured animal by the side of the road:

Don’t hesitate to stop, because you never know.

Source: @TheDodo