This Traumatized Dog Is Relearning How To Trust Thanks To The Nicest Man

Andrea A.

Henley, a four-year-old terrier mix, experienced a difficult start to life. When he arrived at the Wilson shelter in North Carolina, U.S.A., the dog was covered in parasites and starving, reports the siteThe Dodo. Henley spent most of his existenced tied up, as the rope line around his neck attests, which he managed to chew through to finally escape.


Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Sadly, Henley was holding on by a thread, and his scheduled euthanasia was quickly approaching. A few days before the fateful moment, volunteers with the association Rescue Dogs Rock NYCintervened and saved Henley from this cruel fate. The dog had to board a plane to make it to New York, where his foster family awaited him.


Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

It was Paul Steklenski, founder of Flying Fur Animal Rescue, who was charged with accompanying Henley to his new home. However, Henley was terrified of men - and only men - and started trembling as soon as Paul appeared. A female volunteer had to put him in a cage to load him into the plane, where Paul joined him.The suffering that Henley faced is not rare for dogs. Certain animals, traumatized by their interactions with one person in particular, can develop a panicked fear around all men or all women, no matter their behavior towards them.


Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Paul confided to The Dodo:

It was the most difficult transport experience I've ever had. To have a dog, a pup, so abused, so tortured, that you couldn't comfort him before the flight — it's the absolute worst feeling anyone in transport will know.

Once arrived in New York, Henley briefly stopped on the tarmac and looked at Paul in a way which still haunts him to this day. He admited to not being able to stop thinking of the hardships that Henleymust have faced, just a few hours from death.


Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Paul decided to visit Henley in the beginning of November. To his surprise, the dog had not forgotten him. Even better, he was no longer scared of him. Extatic, Paul explained:

Now he looks amazing. He's got a great foster home. He's wearing sweaters, has a big back yard. It's just awesome. He is the very core of why I do what I do..

Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Henley is still waiting for his forever home. This adorable dog deserves the best after being mistreated for so long.


Source: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

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H/t: The Dodo