This Tiny Pup Loves Riding On The Back Of This Imposing Saint Bernard


These two form one of the most improbable canine duos. Lulu, a small Japanese chin, and Blizzard, and enormous Saint Bernard, ten times her size, are inseparable.


Source: David Mazzarella

When Lulu met Blizard for the first time, she immediately adopted him as a parent "because she was too young to be on her own." explained David Mazzarella, the happy human of the two dogs toMetro. Lulu was only five weeks old when she moved into her new home. Against all expectations, the tiny pup was not at all intimidated by the impossing mass, to the contrary, she saw him from the start as a partner in crime.


Source: David Mazzarella

After only a few days, she wouldn't leave Blizzard for one second. While she only weighed a few ounces, she does everything just like her 130 pound counterpart. Her favorite activity? Napping, which she does pressed against his soft fur.The duo quickly became inseparable, and a new step was taken in their friendship: the tiny fur ball decided to climb onto Blizzard's back, as often as he'll let her. David explained:

Her favourite place was on his back when he was laying down and over time she got comfortable in this position. When he stood up, she would jump around constantly to get on his back where she felt the most comfortable.

Source: David Mazzarella

Lulu rapidly got used to this privilege. As for Blizzard, he passively accepts the capricious acts of his protoge. "Blizzard is the most laid back dog, he is tolerant of everything," joke David. Without a doubt it's the young female who wears the pants in this relation.


Source: David Mazzarella

The duo makes a comical sight and people walking past are quite amused. When Lulu is perched on Blizzard's back, a number of them are quick to whip out their cameras... No surprise, the two pups have become famous and have their own Instagram page, where thousands follow their adventures!


Source: David Mazzarella

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