This Tiny Dog Who Had Her Vocal Cords Cut To Stop Her From Barking Escaped From A Nightmare

Andrea A.

143. That was the number given to her after this little dog was saved from a puppy mill – an establishment that produces puppies one after the other in horrible conditions to sell them – in Taiwan, reports The Dodo.


Source: Kimberley Ann Barley

Abandoned by her owner in a trash can after she became "unnecessary," the dog couldn't even cry out in pain: she had her vocal cords cut to prevent her from barking. The animal also suffered from heartworm. Several of her teeth were rotted.


Source: Kimberley Ann Barley

Taken into a refuge in Taiwan, she would have most likely been euthanized if Johanna Quinn, a young woman working for the organization Heart of Taiwan Animal Care, didn't find her just in time. Johanna decided to do everything possible to save the pooch, who had been called simply by her number instead of her real name, Akiko, meaning one who shines in Japonese.Akiko was then brought to Canada thanks to the associationEleven Eleven Animal Rescue, where she was finally able able to meet the woman who would open her home to her. Kimberley Ann Barley was originally just supposed to be a foster parent, but she didn't hesitate one second once she heard Akiko's tragic story.


Source: Kimberley Ann Barley

The little dog spent her first few days sleeping, since she was finally safe. Kimberly confided to The Dodo:

She was not afraid of me. She wanted to be close to me and we bonded instantly.

Source: Kimberley Ann Barley

The young Canadian didn't intend on adopting Akiko at first, but faced with the adorable pup and the amazing connection they made, she realized she couldn't let her leave. She explained:

I took her to a meet-and-greet where potential adopters got to spend time with her. I held back my tears every time someone filled out the adoption papers that day. I knew I couldn't let my friend be adopted by anyone other than myself.

Kimberley decided to adopt Akiko, since nicknamed simply Kiko. The little dog with the dark past has finally regained her lovefor life with her human, who even got a portrait of the adorable animal tattooed so that she's always at her side.


Source: Kimberley Ann Barley

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H/t: The Dodo